Other 2019 challenges that I may have signed up for…

Remember when I was all “ARGHHH!! EIGHT IS TOO MANY CHALLENGES!!!!”? Welllllll, you see, I might have signed up for three more. (Because I am CLEARLY an idiot…)

Year of the Asian

Banner for Year of the Asian reading Challenge

The first extra reading challenge is called Year of the Asian and hosted by:

This one goes all year, and the premise is to read as many books written by Asian authors as you can, and because I have scared myself into failing ALL OF the challenges already, I am only signing up a little bit. As in, only 10 books! Which will earn me the PRECIOUS BADGE of a Philippine tarsier (below). He kind of reminds me of the little guy from Madagascar who serves King Julian. I believe his name is Mort.

And if you read more than that, there are badges of other animals all at 10 book intervals!

Based on my current, physical TBR, I have 12 books written by Asian authors, so I think this is doable!

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Readathon

Scene from Avengers Infinity War

A friend of mine, Ekho, is doing an Avenger’s themed read-a-thon in February, and of course I signed up, because a) read-a-thon, and b) Marvel, are two of my fave things ever!

There are 10 prompts which you can read about in the above link, and I am going to try really hard to get through as many as I can, using my backlist list. That means I probably won’t hit all of them, but I’m also trying not to buy more books… NOT that I’m on a book buying ban, because they never work for me.

No badges for this one, just lots of Avengers memes… YOU’RE WELCOME.

Ultimate Reading Challenge

Ultimate Reading Challenge banner

Sophie @ Beware of the Reader is co-hosting the Ultimate Reading Challenge in 2019. It’s one book per month based on prompts. That’s it. And I’m pretty sure I can weave it into the other 8 million challenges so it should be fine. Good. GREAT! (I’m not manic at all.) The prompts are posted on Sophie’s blog HERE, and there’s also a sign up link!

So… that rounds me out to an even 11…? Fingers crossed I don’t find any more during the year!!

Until next time, happy reading! 😊📚



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