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“I think it’s important to find the little things in everyday life that make you happy.” – Paula Cole

My name is Meeghan. In no particular order, I would call myself a nerd, bookworm, baker, cat slave, plant killer, collector, board game enthusiast, gamer (video games and board games), music lover, traveler, organiser, and wife. I live in Melbourne, Australia.

This is my blog about my life and things that make me happy; primarily, books and cake. Read it, don’t read it, leave comments, don’t leave comments. Do what makes YOU happy.

You can follow me here on WordPress and at the following sites:
Instagram (bookstagram): @meeghanreads
Instagram (baking): @meeghanbakes
Instagram (personal): @meeghanw
Goodreads: Meeghan

NOTE: I am not currently sponsored by any companies (despite mentioning Arnott’s, Cadbury and various other products in my recipe posts).  I do not receive payment for any blog posts.

Book reviews

I am currently accepting select Adult and Young Adult books for review. You can send emails to meeghanreads at gmail dot com. I am also on NetGalley.

Professional Reader

I accept print ARCs, finished copies, and ebooks.  If the book is a part of a series, then I may need the previous books.  I am NOT accepting self-published books, indie press books, or interactive media books at this time. Exceptions include those already on my TBR, or from an author I have previously reviewed.


You can check and see if your book is on my TBR list through my rather large TBR post. If it’s there, then you know I want to read it! You can also browse my Review Index to get a feel for my interests.

I accept Adult, and YA fiction in the following genres:
Fairy tale/myth retellings
Crime fiction (think Janet Evanovich or James Patterson style)
Contemporary (YA, drama, chick-lit, LGBTQI+, etc.)

I am NOT accepting books in the following genres:
True crime
Historical fiction
“Issues” books (dying mothers, cancer diagnoses, mental illnesses, family drama, etc)
Extremely political or “hot button” topics
Free verse novels
Overtly religious fiction

Accepting Books

If I accept a book for review, that does not guarantee a review immediately.  I will make every effort to read and review in a timely fashion and with regard to release dates, but I cannot guarantee this. I prefer to receive a book 3-4 months prior to when you would like the review posted.

Please note: I schedule my TBR and posts months in advance (that is, if you contact me in January, the odds are slim that I will have an opening available for you in February).


I will try to write a review for almost every book I finish. Many reviews will also be posted on Goodreads, though not all and they may be modified. My reviews are written in a relaxed manner reminiscent of a conversation among friends. They are not meant to be objective literary critiques.

I write fair and honest reviews, but this does not mean I will always write positive reviews. My reviews are my opinion, and if I don’t enjoy a book then my review will reflect that.  With that said, I strive to explain why the book in question did not work for me personally. I do NOT write nasty or snarky commentary about the author.

If I do not finish a book I may write an explanation for DNF-ing. These explanations are different from standard reviews and will state that I did not finish the book, what page I read up to, why I did not finish, and if I plan on ever picking up the book again.

Review Structure

All requested reviews will include the following:
Cover art
Book stats: Title, author, release date, series status
Where I received the book
My review: What I liked and didn’t


1 = I did not finish this book because I could not bring myself to do so.
2 = I pushed through; however, this book had some serious fundamental flaws.
3 = This book was aggravating for the following reasons.
4 = This book was disappointing, probably on par with average fanfiction.
5 = This book was ok, but there were some issues.
6 = I liked this book, but there were enough things that bothered me to affect my enjoyment.
7 = I liked this book, but it didn’t have that special something.  A good read.
8 = I really enjoyed this book, but it wasn’t quite “special shelf” material.
9 = I loved this book and will likely rave about it all over instagram, and it nearly made “special shelf”.  A solid 5/5 book.
10 = “Special shelf”.  This book was extra special for me. Sometimes they moved me emotionally or made me think deeply about a topic. Sometimes they were beautiful stories. Most of the time they were the books that I need to own and will reread over and over again because I love the characters and story.

Ratings are based on my personal enjoyment of the book and are not meant to be objective ratings.


I am happy to host a giveaway for you! My criteria for hosting giveaway books is the same as that for review books. Please refer to the the genre, publisher, and book format requirements for review books. Entries will be compiled using Google Docs and the winner will be chosen using Random.org.

If you would like me to host a giveaway for a book, please be sure to include the following information in your request:

Format of the book (ARC, hardcover, softcover, audiobook)
Shipping requirements (AUS, AUS/NZ, or International)
Run time of the giveaway
Any additional information you would like included (photo of prize, blurb, signed?, etc)

Requests to Host Me On Your Blog

Thank you for your interest! I am honoured, but my schedule might not currently allow for me to write guest posts. I am happy to look over your proposal and let you know, or alternatively I could participate in an interview. Sorry, this isn’t my day job (although I totally wish it was)!



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